Trent Montgomery, Owner

A Leader with Heart and a Love for Life's Adventures** Trent is the embodiment of a true leader, with a character defined by hard work, unwavering loyalty, and genuine dedication. His remarkable journey through life is a testament to his ability to inspire and uplift those around him, all while maintaining a wonderful sense of humor. In his professional and personal life, Trent's reliability is unmatched. He approaches every task with a steadfast commitment to excellence, earning him the trust and respect of colleagues, friends, and family alike. His determination knows no bounds, making him a go-to person in times of need. Beyond his admirable work ethic,

Trent's kindness and warm-hearted nature shine through in every interaction. He consistently goes above and beyond to help others, proving himself to be a pillar of support and encouragement. His patience and understanding are qualities that make him an exceptional mentor and friend. Trent's ability to inspire is nothing short of remarkable. His words and actions have a profound impact on those fortunate enough to know him, and he continually motivates others to reach their full potential. His sense of humor adds a light-hearted touch to life's challenges, making him a joy to be around.

Outside of his leadership and inspiring qualities, Trent has a passion for the great outdoors. He finds solace in hunting and fishing, reveling in the beauty of nature and the thrill of the hunt. He's also a handyman at heart, taking on building projects with enthusiasm and skill. However, Trent's greatest source of pride and joy is his family. He is unwavering in his dedication to being a protector and provider for his loved ones. His wife, Morgan, shares in his adventures and supports his endeavors. Together, they create a loving and nurturing home for their four children: McKenzie, McKaid, Tregan, and Trystan. In Trent's bio, we discover a man who embodies leadership, hard work, and loyalty, while also finding joy in life's adventures and the warmth of family. His story is an inspiring reminder that with dedication and kindness, we can build a life filled with love, laughter, and purpose.

McKenzie Franks

McKenzie Franks is a dedicated and loyal individual with a strong work ethic and a deep commitment to her family. She is happily married to her husband, Caleb Franks, and together they have a lovely daughter named Oakley Franks. McKenzie is a true family-oriented person, placing a high value on her relationships with her loved ones.

In addition to her family, McKenzie is also an avid animal lover. She shares her home with four dogs, a cat, and a fish, demonstrating her affection and care for animals of all kinds.

Professionally, McKenzie has worked closely alongside her father in running their family business, One Source Office Products. Her dedication to the company and her passion for providing excellent service to their customers have contributed to the business's success. She greatly values the support system that surrounds her and her business, recognizing the importance of strong relationships with customers and partners.

Overall, McKenzie Franks is characterized by her loyalty, hard work, love for her family, and her role as an animal lover. Her commitment to her family and business is evident in her everyday life, and she cherishes the connections she has with her loved ones and customers.

Michael Parrish

Michael’s life is defined by faith, family, and flavorful hobbies. He's been a devoted husband for over 40 years and is proud of his accomplished son. His deep connection to God through the point2one ministry is a guiding force, and he's excelled in the office furnishing business for over two decades. Michael is also a recipient of the Melvin Jones Fellowship Humanitarian Award.

Beyond his professional and spiritual life, Michael enjoys mountain biking for adventure and the art of smoking meats to perfection. His culinary skills impress family and friends, adding a flavorful dimension to his well-rounded life.